iPad Inventory Audit

April 2018

Hello All!

It is almost time for the iPad Inventory Audit Collection to begin! Tanis & I have been working hard to manage all the little details. All the details will work out perfect, as long as ever member does their part.

Members - make sure to follow all directions below and have your iPad ready on time.
School Leads - make sure to have your schools bag at the front desk by 8am.
Drives - start pick at 8am to ensure you will make it to your drop off point on time.

Questions??? - email Andrea - riouxa@fultonschools.org
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As Vanguard, iPads are provided with UNLIMITED data plans, which is part of the prestige of being on Vanguard! We are very lucky that Fulton Co. Schools values the work we do and provides such a great resource. Vanguard Leadership knows these are a valuable tool used everyday and taking up iPads isn’t something taken lightly.

Vanguard will be doing its First Inventory Audit. Our iPads have to be managed, organized, and tagged in order to be enrolled in Airwatch like other district devices.

To make this as easy of a process as possible for all involved on April 11, 2018, ALL Vanguard iPads will be collected. Since this is our first collection of iPads, we are forecasting your iPad to be gone for approximately a month. But again since this is our first time collecting to this extent, it may take longer. After we get all iPads collected, we will assess the timeline and communicate the return of iPads as soon as we know more.

In advance, thank you for your time preparing your device and patience while the inventory audit is completed.

Preparing your iPad for collection

  1. Backup your iPad to iCloud - only if you want everything to be exactly as you have it now

  2. Update the iPad to 11.2.6 or higher (or as high as your iPad will go)

  3. Charge to 80% or higher

  4. Remove all stickers NOT used by Fulton (barcode and Vanguard should stay)

  5. Sign out of iCloud (this includes find my iPad)

  6. Wipe iPad by “Erase All Content and Settings”

  7. Turn into School Lead by end of school day April 10, 2018

    1. iPad Air - only the iPad

    2. iPad Pro - iPad, Case, Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard

***No Charging blocks or cables***

Timeline of iPad collection

March 27 - School Leads should receive the collection kit.

  • Confirm receiving the iPad Inventory Audit Collection Kit - HERE

  • Confirm all members understand iPads are being collected.

April 9&10 -

  • School Leads - collecting school iPads

    • Complete form indicating all devices from the school are collected and bagged HERE

    • All bags should be at the front desk by 8 AM April 11

Collection Kit