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Suggest that these perceptual skills are more developed in musicians, because this more pronounced either from the outset part of musical talent or they could result frequent reading music during long-term musical training is. Due to the broad consensus of the intelligence structure of both investigated groups, this study supports the music lyrics claim so that the intelligence of musicians and non-musicians is not fundamentally different. This study thus confirms the results of the investigation of and, which hardly could also detect differences between the general intelligence of musicians and non-musicians.

The authors compared adult musicians with adult non-musicians and came to the conclusion that music lyrics their intelligence is different only in terms of linguistic memory and logical reasoning: While the musicians were characterized by better verbal memory, were the non-musicians the superior musicians in inferential thinking. The study by Costa-Giomiis particularly music lyrics interesting because it sheds light on the sustainability of achieved through music lessons cognitive effects.nine-year-old school children were almost equally distributed in two large groups, of which one group received free piano lessons over a period of three years. Cognitive abilities of the children were tested at the beginning of the study and at yearly intervals within the study period.

While the children did not differ in their cognitive skills at the beginning of the investigation period, piano lessons showed after two years with the children from the experimental group slightly better cognitive performance in terms of spatial-visual skills than children from the control group. However, the children gathered in the control group this lead after the third year again. Thus, this study suggests that the effects of piano instruction on general cognitive abilities are music lyrics neither particularly strong nor durable. Basically it can be against this investigation raise the methodological objection that the children in the control group not given to additional classes, so that it is possible to return the temporary cognitive effects of piano lessons that the children in the experimental group spent generally more time teaching. In the study by Berlin school children were studied over a period of six years, of which children received additional music lessons.

The cognitive abilities of the children were measured by an intelligence test, the everyday knowledge, academic computing ability, the ability to concentrate, the velocity in the symbolic information processing in manual-visual field, spatial-visual imagination, verbal-logical thinking and social capturing and reflecting detected. The evaluation of the tests after six years of trial time rendered but, as for example Old (a) points out clearly, no significant differences between the cognitive abilities of individuals from the experimental and the control group. Music Lesson had therefore no influence on the development of intelligence. Only in relation to the social behavior is better than the control group, the experimental group according to. However, this point music lyrics of (a) is been criticized that it is the interpretation of the lower in the test group (in which the measure of mutual sympathy had not significantly improved) is an explanation. In addition, also applies to this study, that it is problematic in terms of methodology, because the children in the control group received no additional instruction in another area.

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