Daily Memo - March 21-25

Building Successful Futures - Every Student, Every Day

Tuesday- March 22

Office Schedules

Bryon and David - Interviews all day - out of the building

Lindsey - 7:50 Heather, 8:15 Jenna, 9 Audrey, 11 Anne


E. Crouse - J Funk

ISS - L. Stone

A Hughes - K. Vanderweide

C. Crumb - K. Soyland

K. Reiger - K. Marin

S. Dollins - C. Underwood

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Monday - March 21

Happy first day of 4th Quarter and Welcome Back! I'm sure today will be tough for our kids to transition back to school. I know it will be for me! I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing break! Before you know it, summer break will be here.

There will only be a daily memo today and tomorrow. I am gone from Wednesday to Monday, so the next memo will be next Tuesday.

Office Schedules

David - gone today

Bryon - 8 Hughes, 9:30 Dollinsm 2:30 Safe Program

Lindsey - 11 Burbank, 12 Hildman, 1 Crawford


K. Dove

K. Estes

M. Swenson

ISS - L. Stone

Advisory Today

Junior and Senior Advisories - please have the students complete the survey for BC. I will send you an email with the link. Thanks!

Redmen Time Form