SPrEaD the word

Vol. 1 Iss. 10 (04.06.2020) COVID-19 Week 4

Big picture

"Providing services now is the most effective way to mitigate the need for compensatory services in the future."

Two Models of Remote Service Delivery


  • document all your efforts!
  • be sure you are updating your Service Delivery Log daily.
  • share your log with your building administrators, Team Chair, and Kate

If it isn't documented, it didn't happen!

How to Create YOUR Service Delivery Log

Please share your logs by Wednesday, April 8th. You do not need to share them daily. We will check them periodically.

IEP Meetings

We will continue to hold Annual IEP meetings.

**IEPs should be written as if school is in session. The N1 is to include information pertaining to the remote learning opportunities made available to and engaged in by the student.

IEPs should be completed within the timeframes we normally adhere to.

TO DO LIST for IEP Meetings


If assessments were completed prior to closure, please be sure the evaluation report is finished as soon as possible and uploaded to Aspen. At this time, all other assessments are on hold and we will not be sending out any testing consent.

Initial IEP meetings

At this time, we will not be holding initial meetings.

Three-Year Evaluations

Team chairs, please connect with the family and offer to hold an annual meeting and push testing off for 1-year. Within the N1, please document why an annual was held and the district's proposal to push the triennial evaluation out. Additionally, within the N1, please note the parent/guardian's response to the proposal to push out the evaluation.

Progress Reports

To date, Elmwood and Shaw should have finalized their Term 2 progress reports. These should have been posted. When we return, they will need to be printed and collated for mailing and filing.

Due Wednesday, April 15th: Jr./Sr. High school special education progress reports. These progress reports are to document student progress from February 10 through March 13. These are extremely important progress reports and should include data points. Please avoid anecdotal comments.

For all of you: Going forward, it is especially important to maintain good documentation about each student's participation in remote learning opportunities and document any barriers to a student's participation.


  • No new guidance has been shared regarding timelines.
  • Given these are not school days, evaluation timelines are on hold.
  • If any additional information is shared, it will be passed along.
  • We will continue to operate under our normal timelines as they pertain to finalizing the proposed IEP.