Middle East Physical Features

By : Axel C. , Destiny B , Ernesto M. , Eja R. , Midestine W

Environmental Issues

The Indus and Ganges river are two of the most polluted as well as religious areas in Asia. The rivers are so sacred it's believed whatever goes in comes out clean and reincarnates.

Afghanistan is another area of full of environmental issues.

~ There are many limited natural freshwater resources , not just there but all over the Middle East .

~ There isn't a lot of potable ( drinking ) water .

~ There is a lot of deforestation in the region , the remaing trees and forest are being cut down on a daily ( even as we speak ) to form buildings .

Middle Eastern specialization

The Middle East specializes mainly in petroleum .

Middle Eastern country's with the largest petroleum reserves

1. Saudi Arabia ; oil accounts for 90% of the money it makes . The government gets 75% of the 90.

2. Iraq with 140 billion barrels

3. Iran

4. Abu Dhabi

most war torn countries in this region have the most oil yet , find themselves scattering to come up with an agreement on the water ways.