Empire State Building

By: Jakob Paulson

Why is this topic important?

This topic is important because it shows economical power. When it was built it also gave New Yorkers something to be proud because at the time it was built it was one of the tallest buildings ever built.

About the Empire State Building

Construction started: March 17, 1930
Opened: May 1, 1931
Contractor: Starrett Brothers
Architecture firm: Shreve, Lamb & Harmon
Architects: William F. Lamb, Gregory Johnson
The Empire State Building is a 102-story skyscraper located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, on Fifth Avenue between West 33rd and 34th Streets.

History of the Empire State building.

It was built during the great depression when many city residents were unemployed. When it was being built on a single day it employed 3,400 people. The frame work rose 4 1/2 stories every week. It gave New York a sense of pride for having the tallest building. In 1972, the Empire State Building lost its title as world’s tallest building to New York’s World Trade Center, which itself was the tallest skyscraper for but a year. Today the honor belongs to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower, which soars 2,717 feet into the sky.

At 9:49 a.m. on Saturday, July 28, 1945, a B-25 Mitchell bomber, lost in fog over Manhattan, slammed into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building, killing 14 people and injuring two dozen.

Opening day

1931: On May 1, President Hoover presses a button in Washington, D.C. officially opening and turning on the Empire State Building’s lights.

Quote and Explanation

This means that if you put your mind to it you can do anything if you stick with it.