James Armistead Lafayette

Double agent 1748-1830


James was born on his masters farm William Armistead. As a kid he helped on the farm and provided military supplies to patriot forces.

Adult life and impact

At 33 The Marquis De Lafayette started recruiting Americans to gather military information on British forces. With his masters permission he joined the Marquis De Lafayette. Posing as a slave he became a foreger for the British forces he could roam in search of food and he was able to pass back and forth between British forces.

Double agent

Not before long the British asked him to be a spy for them. He passed accurate information about the British to the Americans but made the Americans sound stronger than they really were.

Later Years

In 1787 they passed a bill freeing James Armistead. Then he changed his name to James Layfette. After he changed his name he bought a farm next to his old owner but sadly he died on 1830.