Sleepover Ideas

Just Some Of My Thoughts

Food Ideas

Depending on what the weather is or your party theme you wouldnt have a winter party in the summer and drink hot chocalate, but i could be wrong unless your one of those people no offence. Most kids just want pizza and cake, but if your one of those parents who wants to think outside of the box what do you think about an icecream bar where the kids could decorate their own ice cream, it makes the kids feel more in control.


Now when you think about it would you want juice boxes at a fourteen year old party or ut still sodas at a three year old party. Now a way to comprimise is colored punch it fun for kids, but its still cool enough for a teen.


I love big sleep overs, but sometimes it can get out of hand with younger children. So in situations like that I think it would best if you have all of your friend to come to the party, but just have a couple friend spend the night.


This is my favorite part of the planing, decorating. Now all kids really want is a them, like Star Wars, Frozen, or the 50's. That's fun in all, but I wouldnt go overboard, I wouldnt have posters or even the characters pictures, I would just do the theme like doing a winter theme for frozen.