Telegraph/ Morse code

The government contracted $40,000 a year for ten years.

Telegraph/morse code

The telegraph is a mechanial devise that sends out messages through a line of wires, with long distances.

Western Union was awarded The government contracted.

Early Telegraph Unites Domestic Market But Not World Market


The telegraph was introduced in the years:1832 to 1851 and the present.

This telegraph travels the miles!! ZOOM!!!

How will the telegraph make life eaier?-

The telegraph is imporatnt because that was the only way you could talk to someone , it was helpful for the Unites States armed force, since they needed a reliable and quick way to send information about sending backup somewhere.

How does the telegraph improve the communication?

It helped people communicate from different places. It helped people durning the war,it also checked for accuracy of the information and get immediate reply.

Picture of the Telegraph in use