Trimester 3


Grade 3-

  • Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling- Tale elements, Identification and justification of themes
  • Poetry Unit- analyze and compose
  • Kids at Work by Russell Freedman- Nonfiction text structure and features, collaborative learning through literature Circles
  • Nonfiction articles- Main idea and detail surrounding child labor

Grade 4-

  • Poetry Unit- composing and analyzing
  • War Horse by Michael Morpurgo- Point of View/Perspective, compare to Bull Run, collaborative learning through literature Circles

Grade 5-

  • The Hobbit by J.R.R Tlkien- character analysis and comparison, writing a talkshow
  • Time Machine-Study Focus: Science Fiction, collaborative learning through literature Circles



Units Covered


  • Multiplication of larger numbers
  • Division of larger numbers
  • Problem Solving-multi-step
  • Explore Decimals
  • Explore Order of Operations
  • Explore Evaluating Expressions


  • Evaluate numerical Expressions with Order of Operations
  • Measurement; conversions, plane & solid shapes
  • Geometry; figure classification, angle measurement
  • Problem Solving


  • Expressions and Equations
  • Integers; compare, absolute value, apply all operations
  • Statistics (data collection and analysis)
  • Probability (Theoretical + Experiemental)
  • Problem Solving

2017 Worlds of Wisdom and Wonder Camp- in Wheaton

Monday, July 17th, 9am

Madison Elementary School, 1620 Mayo Ave.