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Vitrtual Library Card

SPPL Virtual Library Card

Student Library Card = 22091600 + Student ID #

If a Pin # or password is requested, use birthday (mmddyyyy) (Ex. 03252004) for March 25, 2004


MackinVia is a program that makes it easy to access the school’s eBooks, educational databases, and other resources. Students will be able to access through the "Clever" app that requires Login: s(6-digit Student CIF #); Password: (Active Directory password). You can use MackinVIA on any device that has Internet access.

Request form for books/materials contactless pickup

Request form for Contactless Pickup

Books check out will be put inside the paper bag with the student's name labeled on it. The student or parent will pick them up from the top of the stairs at the front door of the main entrance (Door #1). The parent or student must pick up only the paper bag with their name labeled on it. If you have book returns, you can drop it off on a separate cart labeled with "Book Returns here". It is a contactless pickup and drop-off, so there is no need to see Ms. Shier. The pickup/drop-off time is every Thursday and Friday, between 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. When you come, please be mindful of the CDC COVID-19 safety protocol to follow 6ft. social distancing, and wearing a facial mask. To search on the catalog for books available from the Central Library, please use the Destiny app on your iPad or click this search catalog link.

Central High School - Library Media Center

Jenifer Shier, MLIS

Library Media Specialist

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