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Initial inquiry: at the tap


I hadn't traveled much beyond the boundaries of San Francisco in youth, yet I noted the variances in taste, feel and effect of the water I consumed at each tap and public water fountain I encountered. This was during the era prior to the popular bottled water wave that remains prevalent today, when the major food markets in my area carried only five or six brands: one of them generic and one of them distilled. In other words, this is when people drank tap water. But how come the experience I had from each sip and source was so different? My question multiplied determining a quest, tally ho!

My water way lead me equally inward and outward. How was city water treated? How old were the pipes channeling their once vital properties to reach my own bloodlines? This is important, it became important to me. How come some water, whether tap, bottled import or wild, would sit in my stomach like Sunday pancake brunch and seemed to make me feel tired, lethargic or unsatiated yet others would glide with crisp energy and favor?

My mom purchased a Brita® Pitcher filter when it came out on the market. It was a beginning each of us could taste and feel but much more was to come.

Becoming a water snob

1980's - 1990's

"We're mostly made of water" said pretty much everyone, so I reasoned that the best me I can become includes imbibing the best water I can find.

Years passed and eventually the bottle watered bandwagon hitched up the horses to stake its claims: all-natural, pure, low-sodium, touted various companies. I intuitively felt which of my choices were optimal for their energy and nutrient content, and became more intimate with the mineral composition of each brand. Some I favored but vitality, among other points such as environmental influences, was still a factor.

To that I'll say that I can cry in gratitude and sheer awe at the springs of Mt. Shasta, for instance, and softly kneel in prayer for the amazing water that flows from her bosom, yet when jets scratch the sky with their chem-trails, I cannot deny that each dispatch is invading and altering nature.

And don't get me started on the topic of acid rain; Glen Caulkins, developer of PristineHydro, has an informative video on the matter.

The ultimate introduction


I was asked by an ambitious visionary to consult for his studio that was to become a haven for yoga, massage, dance, martial arts and include an organic juice bar. That is when I was introduced to PristineHydro and Glen Caulkins' research and development of the best home filtration system I had experienced. The water wasn't merely purified and filtered, it was pristine and revitalized. I was elated to discover a great system and experience ease of consumption and absorbtion, rapid hydration, energy and the taste of minerals. My body's answer to this solution was yes!

The Choice is Clear: PristineHydro

"Proper hydration is fundamental to stabilize health and to allow your body and each of its interrelated and multidimensional systems to perform efficiently and naturally. To maximize the potential of any health or fitness modality or meme, or any dietary, detoxification or restorative regimen, including the use of food supplements, hydration is paramount. To aid in realizing these goals, I personally absorb and serve to others PristineHydro's revived and remineralized water."

Tuaca Kelly, Developer of The Alignment

Support for your investment in health

Thanks to my friends at PristineHydro I was able to create a custom coupon code to assist in the purchase of your personal or gifted PristineHydro. Please make use of it by entering lovethemessenger during your purchase. For those living out of California or overseas, it will certainly help with the shipping.

L-R: Tuaca (me), Ginger, Marieke at PristineHydro Wellness Center Laguna Woods, CA.

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About the author

Tuaca Kelly, is the Developer of The Alignment and serves as medical intuitive, spiritual medium and healer.

For further insight, please visit her website.