Salt As Money

Colton Morrall & Emma Jackson

Facts About Salt

  • Salt was used as a part of Egyptian religious offerings as well as trading between the Phoenicians and their empire.
  • Salt was extremely expensive and it took a long time to harvest the large amounts of salt that was needed to preserve and season food.
  • Romans used salt to add flavor to their food, and it was good for medicine.
  • Salt was almost as valuable as gold.
  • Salt is needed by your body to live
  • Salt could only be transported over short distances because there were not good enough roads for a lot of trade
  • In roman times salt was taxed
  • Romans were not actually paid in salt but they were paid in coins and soldiers were sold salt at a discounted price
  • Venice fought and won a war against Genoa over salt. Salt created and destroyed empires.
  • During the war of 1812 Salt Brine was used to pay soldiers in the field, because the government was too poor to pay with money.
  • salt is made into slabs for easier transportation.