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April 2017 Edition

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April's M-Powerment Strategies:

Yes, there are 2 this month...

M-8: Research and Inquiry-Based Thinking

Students demonstrate critical thinking and higher-level understanding through rigorous questioning, project-based learning and inquiry-based instruction.

M-9: Students Skilled for Success (4Cs)

Students routinely choose, critically analyze and evaluate resources, collaborate with peers, and communicate their ideas in creative ways.

What do M-8 and M-9 look like in MGSD? Teachers...
  • Use questioning at different levels of knowledge (recall vs. application)
  • Incorporate elements of research in learning activities
  • Plan lessons that allow for inquiry-based learning vs. direct instruction
  • Allow students to apply their learning and new knowledge through project-based learning
  • Let students learn by experimenting, trying, doing, and questioning versus you telling them
  • Experiment with Makerspace, STEM, Virtual Reality, Coding, and other activities that focus on future careers
  • Bring in or Skype with community speakers, and arrange (virtual) field trips to allow for experiential learning
  • Teach note-taking strategies and graphic organizing to help students make connections to content
  • Collaborate with School Library Media Coordinator to design research-based lessons and activities
  • Use research features within Google (Google Scholar, Easy Bib, etc.)
  • Analyze current events, primary sources and texts to investigate essential questions
  • Let students choose the best tool and method to present their learning with creative products
  • Teach students effective listening and public speaking skills
  • Allow students to learn teamwork and collaboration skills by working with diverse partners and groups to create discussion and learning products
  • Allow students to create work products that have an outside audience and purpose
  • Use Common Sense Media and other sources to teach students how to be responsible digital citizens
  • Teach reading and writing skills that will transfer to future school and workplace
  • Use literacy strategies such as text annotation to help students read critically
  • Use collaborative groups with defined roles to help students develop leadership skills
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Booktasting with Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Lasky recently set up a booktasting for Mrs. Smith's students to select what book they wanted to read in small group. To give students a preview, they played a "trailer" about the book, then gave them time to explore the book! This activity provided students choice in their learning, a strategy shown to increase learning and motivation on a topic by 20%. Talk to Mrs. Lasky if you want to try out your own book tasting for students!

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3rd Quarter Professional Development

Please continue to work on the PD you selected at our early release day in February related to student engagement and motivation.

Need Additional PD Credits?

Share on our EMIS padlet what kinds of things you are doing relating to the M-Powerment Strategies. Remember, participating in the padlet post every month can earn you a PD CEU! Need more information about this- just ask!
Free Poetry Webinar

How to Teach kids to Love Poetry, Even if you don't!

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EOG Review Ideas Smore

Review can get tedious! Here are some ideas to "spice it up"!

Woot Math- 60 day free trial

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Curriculum Alligned Self Paced Math Game

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