Minimum Wage

The government needs to raise the minimum wage

$7.25 isn't enough

The federal minimum wage was first enaged in 1938 by President Franklin Roosevelt to keep workers in the Great Depression out of poverty, to increase consumer spending, and to stimulate the economy. But today, minumum wage only translates to $15,080 for a full time, year round worker. It's simply not enough to provide for modern Americans, and needs to be raised.

How does the current value of the minimum wage compare to its past value?

The value of the minimum wage has fallen sharply over the past forty years. In 1968, for example, the federal minimum wage was $1.60 per hour, which translates to approximately $10.27 in 2011 dollars.

Workers earning minimum wage perpetually makes less money than the federal poverty line.

What's the minimum wage in your state? Click this link to find out:

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