Grades 1/2 Oratorical/Music Show

Lexington ELementary

This is our presentation of oratorical skills. The students are working on reading fluently and with expression. We wanted to showcase some of this work by having and oratorical. Any students or class or groups in grades 1 and 2 whom have a speech poem or song they would like to show us. We would love to see you. Please join us

Grades 1-2 Oratorical/Music Presentation

Friday, June 1st 2012 at 8:15-9:15am

550 Lexington, Pomona Ca

On the black top by the hand ball court bring your chairs and enjoy. Stay as long as a little as you like

Some of our Special Guests

Mrs. Schneider's Class-Poem of Friendship
Mrs. Bravo's Class - Recorder
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-Mary Had a Little Lamb-The Shell
Mrs. Ulrich's Class- Poetry
Mrs. Banales' Class - Poetry
Mrs. Decker's Class Poetry
Mrs. Rosado's Class - Poetry/Historical Speeches
I rise by Maya Angelou- read by Valerie and Katherine
I have a Dream by Martin Luther Kind Jr. - read by Marco Leonicio Fernando Gilbert Vincent Matthew Justin
Franklin Roosevelt- Read by Angelica
John F Kennedy - read by Junnuen and Oswaldo
Lou Gehrig- read by Issaiah Hector Edwin
Original Piece, "A Guide to Friendship" read by Elena Breanna


We posted some of the small group videos. Please vote for your favorite the winners will be announced Friday morning.