Havana, Cuba

Cubas food

Breakfast is simple for the locals who enjoy a cup of sweet coffee with milk and a slice of toast and butter. In Havana lunch comes a little later in the afternoon, this is when they feast on Cuban sandwiches such as empanadas a sandwich made of ham, pork, Swiss cheese with pickles and mustard on sweetened egg bread. The staples of Cuban dinner are fried pork or chicken with rice and beans, plantains (a type of banana) and yucca root (a type of potatoe). On special occasions you can enjoy traditional plate of moros y cristianos (black beans and rice), roasted pig and some sweet fried plantains. If your looking for some fast food in Havana you should try El rapido and if you want to try a taste of local food you should try Havanas number one restaurant Paladar la Guarida which was a location of a famous movie in Havana called Fresa y chocolate.


Look around Cuba

Come to Cuba

Some of the most fantastic times to visit are the months March, April, October, and November because all those months have less rain. In Cuba their seasons are tropical and there are two, one is the wet season which goes out from May to October and the dry season which goes through November to April. The average temperature is 77°F-81°F and very humid. You should pack anything you would need like money, passport, travel insurance, phone etc.


The most popular language in Cuba is Spanish. The most common written language in Cuba is Spanish. Some other amazing languages Cubans speak are Spanish Creole(formal Spanish) and Lucumi(used in religious "Santeria" ceremonies).It's all fine if you visit there though most people do speak some English.

Try Something New

Grab a ball and go play baseball in Havana because that is their favorite sport. On holidays go have fun and go to festivals, there is Festival of Latin American film in December, Carnival Dr Havana in late July and early August, Revolution Day in July 26(Castro's raid on Batista) and there even a holiday for kids called Children's Day on April 4. If you want to go see Cubas past go to the Museum of the Revolution all about Cubas revolution and if you want to see art you should go to the Museum of the Beautiful an art museum. If you want to see sea life you should go to the National Aquarium Havana Cuba they have tropical and subtropical animals. If your looking for a place to stay go to Ramada Hotel a four star hotel number one in Havana. Finally if you want amusement parks you should try the five star one called River City Rascal known for its baseball clubs, parks, amusement parks and arcade.

The View

When you come to Havana you should go to the Miramar bridge built over the Almendares river in Havana Cuba, its substructure and approaches built by Fredrick Snare corporations. If you want to experience old structures go to the western side of Havanas harbor Alyou will see the Castillo Dr late Real Fuerza it was a defensive structure built in the 1500s to protect the city from pirates. If you want to see something humongous go to Old Havana where you can see El Capitolio Capitoliowhich is the third largest indoor statue. If you want to see a fantastic building go check outsOld Square, it was originally called Plaza Nueva (New Square) built as a popular alternative to Plaza de Armas, the military and government nerve center.If you like extraordinary caves then you should go to the Bellamar Caves in Matanzas Havana, Cuba, one of the most beautiful caves.

Learn Something New

If your board of your old clothes wear Cuban clothing which is a mix of traditional and modern. A cool tradition they do is the feast on San Lazaro thousands of people make their way to South Havana to a Sanctuary dragging themselves on their hands and knees with stones tied on their legs. Once your in Havana and you want to see a magnificent shows at a theatre named Teatro Guiñol ran by El Guiñol a children's theatre company known through out Cuba. If you want to see Havanas best structures like Fortaleza San Carlos de la Cabaña which is a fortress built by Spain, El Morro Fortress used to protect the city from pirates and buccaneers and San Salvador de la Punta was used to protect the island from foreign aggressors. Something you have to know about Cuba when you go there is their independence day which Cuba has been in rebellion ever since 1892 and has struggled for years against Spain until May 20, 1902 which gave Cuba it's independence with the help of the United States. You got also learn about the revolutionary war which lasted for ten years it is also known as the big war that began on October 8, 1868 under the leadership of the attorney Carlos Manuel de Cespeñdes and seconded by a group of patriots in the sugar mill La Demajagua calling for liberty and independence of the island. If you just love old structures even more have got to go to Iglesia del Espiritu Santo, it is a church of the holy spirits sponsorships in 1632 by African slaves.