Chemistry in 6th Grade Science

RRISD hosted Region 13 - 6th Grade Science Workshop

Calling all 6th Grade Science Teachers!

Round Rock ISD will be hosting a Region 13 professional development for all 6th grade science teachers in the district. In this hands on workshop, we will focus on TEKS 6.5 A - D and 6.6 A - C. The emphasis of the course will be on elements vs. compounds, recognizing chemical change, and understanding/calculating density. A strong understanding of these TEKS is essential to student success in later science courses. In order to help students become more fluent in chemistry, we will engage in hands on labs, virtual activities, and methods of practice that go beyond "just another worksheet". Please bring your laptop!

Secondary science would like to have all 6th grade teachers attend with at minimum one representative 6th grade science teacher from each middle school campus. Secondary science will pay for the substitutes of all attendees.

RRISD hosts Region 13: Chemistry in 6th Grade Science

Tuesday, April 14th, 8:30am-3:30pm

300 North Lake Creek Drive

Round Rock, TX

Round Rock High School, Building 200, Room 205

Bring a laptop or tablet!
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