The Bear Necessities

March 14, 2016

Next Year

Well, after much thought and discussion with PATNC, as well as Springfield and Columbia Missouri, we will NOT be moving forward with the LITE letter or LITE model for family services. I do not feel it is right for our program, I feel it may damage our program. We will work with affiliate families and non affiliate families and we will figure it out as we move through the years. I will get more information to you when our quota arrives from DESE regarding how many high needs and non high needs visits you can complete.

We have spent much time going through the process of preparing to roll out the lite program. I apologize for any time you feel has been wasted. I know that sometimes you have to work through things to come to the right decision, and this was one of those times. The pressure to move to this model is very high, but we will figure out how to meet all of the mandates and secure funding without damaging our program.

B-3 Screener

I am not sure if we will need this person or not. I do know there are many families in the office that could be screened, as they will not be seen by a PE this year. But I have not decided if we need someone part time. Your ideas are welcome!!

Interview Committee

Need a few Parent Educators for the interview committee for our full time Parent Educator opening. Please let me know if you are interested. March 29, 8:00-12:00.


If you have a kindergarten eligible child who you feel may qualify for ELL services, please send those names to Teresa Vick ASAP. We have only heard from 3 of you, so I am a bit concerned we will miss kiddos.

ART in the HOME

Are you modeling open ended art experiences for parents? This is an important part of exploring as a young learner!! Please ensure that the art you bring is not a craft or product, make sure that MOST of your art experiences do not have a right or wrong way to complete!!

Conscious Discipline: Encouragement

This is one of my favorite chapters in the new Conscious Discipline book, it is just so powerful.....

Encouraging children to help others creates a sense of belonging in which the intrinsic desire to be of service outshines attention-seeking behaviors.

Encouragement Summary

Power:Unity: We are all in this together.

Becoming Brain Smart:Encouragement, connection and belonging prime the brain for academic achievement.

Skill:Notice instead of judge as the basis for encouragement, “You did it! You ___ so____. That was helpful.”

School Family(could just be family on a home visit):The “I See” Song, Connecting Rituals, Ways to Be Helpful, Kindness Tree or Recorder, Job Board, Friends and Family Board/Book

A song to sing by Dawn Myers

If you're happy and you know it, give a smile

If you're sad and you know it, find some love.

If you're scared and you know it, ask for help

If you're angry and you know it, take a breath