The Maze Runner

Sydni Quastad


"If you ain't scared you ain't human." - Alby

This shows that people in the maze have sacrified themselves to prove how scary the maze really is, and that people should be careful.


History is full of lost dreams Life is not and never will be what it has been Strive and strain, sacrifice and smile through welling eyes You are nothing until you've gone that extra-mile? Look at it as you see fit Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry Sometimes we really try to work out why? Think too hard and you'll see the real flow of life Powerless as a drop of water on a strong tide Take control and they'll wonder why? Sheep yourself and stay in line? Stand alone and alone your stand will be Alter the programming of the systems and bureaucracy? Are we looking into the dark through eyes that can't see?

- T.I.R.O. JY

This poem represents the theme because it talks about sacrifice, and that is what I think the it is, because these kids were used in a experiment to try and figure out how the human brain thinks in stressful situations. The creators of the experiment sacrificed these childrens' lives for science.