Velox Apps

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Velox Apps is an online application that facilitates the analysis of the time we work and what applications occupy. You show us that we are using applications that have open documents and are working. Also helps us define projects and set the time thereof easily, or block applications while we are working to not distract us and stay focused.

In the era of relentless advance of technology, especially in the computer field, the business sector was one of the many areas that had to modernize and begin using specific software tools to enhance their development and productivity. To create Workflow Management Tools, Business Management Tools our developers have relied on the combination of different existing platforms, creating a series of new architectures based on improving services.

We have an ultimate solution for all aspects of the organization are a service management software. Full service Software for Project Management should be well built and integrated software tools to limit the project and organize all perspectives and be a complete application.

Our customers support our experience in joining Project Management Software Tools. We have national and international companies that choose to sign our innovative Software for Project Management. We have the option to control the temporal history to know how long we've been managing email, in the management program or any website.