Mrs. Yancey (Mrs. Y)

IB Coordinator

A Little About Me!

I am married and have an awesome little boy (Coker) in 6th grade at Ridgeview Middle School! We have a tiny, 8 pound maltipoo (Thumper), who serves as a wonderful, constant "security alarm." LOL! We live in the neighborhood, and love being a part of the HFE and Sandy Springs Community! My favorite place to visit, will always be the beach, but I always love traveling to new places as well!

What is IB at HFE?

IB Presentation for Eagle Alliance

A short presentation of IB at HFE

It's International Mindedness!

Through our International Inquirer program, each homeroom has a country of study for the entire year, and it concludes with a Grand Bazaar in our media center that provides immersive experiences focused on 5 countries!

It's 5th grade Exhibition!

It's Cookies for Character!

Cookies for Character is ALL about the IB Learner Profile! Each month we focus on one of the 10 attributes that we believe fosters our students to be LIFELONG Learners! Communicator, Risk-taker, Open-minded, Caring, Inquirer/Thinker, Balanced, Knowledgeable, Principled, and Reflective are the 10 attributes we celebrate each month by recognizing a student from each class who has shown that particular trait for that month!

It's Transdisciplinary Learning!

Our 6 Transdisciplinary Themes connect all our content areas and therefore provide greater meaning to our learning!

It's how our students approach learning!

It's our students taking action to help others!

Our students lead the charge in 4 community service projects annually!

IB Policies at HFE