Camping Safety!

By: Emily H. and Madi W.


When you go camping, it may be a blast, but you always have to remember your safety rules. What safety rules you may ask? Well we are hear to tell you all about being safe while camping!



Random Camping Facts!

*There are over 15,000 campgrounds all over the U.S which means lots of people attend these events making camping safety a first priority.

*Campfires are the the #1 reason people get hurt while camping. 74% of injuries are fire injures

*50% of the people burned by fires were under 4years old and were rushed to the hospital

*In 2007 more than 11,000 people were treated in hospital emergency rooms because of camping injuries

*You are always at risk while camping. Always know the situation.


Animals maybe cute but not when there attacking you. Always be cautious when approaching an animal because they could be sick, not safe, or anything. Animals in the wild can be more dangerous than you think. So be safe!


Remember, while your camping, safety first, then fun. It's better to be safe than sorry! Have a blast!!