Preschool Project 2016

By Daniela Gonzalez

game day

Child's Reaction:

-they were shy

-they really didn't have fun some did

-they didn't really understand it

How to Improve:

-some of the kids didn't like the hopscotch and didn't ' know how they play it

language arts

Child's Reaction:

-how was the kids reacted need help on cutting

-Had a lot of fun

-the kids understand the directions

How to Improve:

-assistit the students i was helping him cut the apples

It Was A Success!

  1. Because i had so much fun with the preschool kids
  2. I love to spend the time with my nephew and he had so much fun.
  3. We all learned, students and preschoolers.

In The Future

This project will help me in the future by being able to help teach kids daily activities, help to teach me how to be a mom.


  1. We shouldn't do the hop scotch because it was too hard for the group.
  2. We should keep the ballon actives becuse the kids enjoy that.