Atomic mass


BD (Beardidium)

Discovered by

Society of Facial Hair
Found in large quantities around areas of manliness

Small quantities found in places of unmanliness, unless women in BD's life says so

Physical Properties

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Solid but bristly

Boils when used with out being asked

Melts if is complimented

Can cause one to rethink life

Is usually found in a chill state can be altered to angry/irritable state if rubbed the wrong way. Can be found in serious/content state when playing soccer

Becomes unyielding when asked to watch scary things

Chemical Properties

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Is repelled by unmanliness and shaving (which are one and the same) as well as English home work

Is attracted to the opposite sex and dark chocolate. No matter it be a bar or a cake or some kind of cookie thing

May explode spontaneously if given dark chocolate

Requires copious amounts of sleep and relaxation and coffee in the morning

Becomes inert if asked age or is told that it looks like Sasquatch

Will repel if given milk chocolate

Is impervious to threats, intimidation, and most wooing