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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Friday, September 7th Non-Uniform Information

Tomorrow is a Non-Uniform Day for Elementary. Students are asked to donate to the Bermuda Sickle Cell Association ($5) and wear red. If students would prefer not to participate, they are to wear their regular school uniform.

For Middle and High School students, tomorrow will be Spiritual Development Day. We will have Spiritual Development in the morning and Spirit Activities in the afternoon. Because we are having activities in the afternoon, students are allowed to wear non-uniform. They do not have to donate $5 and they do not have to wear red. As in past Spiritual Development Days, students have selected which color they would like to wear - grade 9 selected gray, grade 10 selected black, grade 11 selected blue, and grade 12 selected red.

We will have a fundraiser for the Bermuda Sickle Cell Association for Middle and High School later in the month. It will NOT be another non-uniform day however students will be asked to make a donation and wear something (with their school uniforms) red – socks, scarf, hat, etc.