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September 15, 2023

Week 1 In The Books!

Happy Friday everyone and congratulations on one full week in the books!

Talking with other administrators, they said the beginning of school is like taking off for a flight. There is a lot of turbulence and bumps along the way but eventually you find your cruising altitude. I am proud to say that our takeoff was incredibly smooth with little turbulence! We still have some climbing to do in order to reach our cruising altitude, but what an exciting beginning to our trip together!

Thank you to all the families who came to Back to School Night. It was a great turn out and you all demonstrated your commitment and partnership to your child's education. Below you will find some upcoming dates including the Ice Cream Social on this Wednesday! Hope to see you all there!

Matt and Michele

Upcoming Dates:

9/20: Ice Cream Social 5:30-7:00pm

9/20: Early Release Day

9/28: ECP Family Event 3:00-4:00 (see flyer below)

10/4: Early Release Day

10/9: No School

Rolling Drop Off Rules Reminder

The rolling drop off lane is useful for all families who wish to drop off their child quickly and safely. Below are some important rules to follow in order to ensure everyone is safe and the drop off is effective.

1) Your child should leave the vehicle themselves on the sidewalk side of the car. This means parents should never leave their vehicle and students should never open a door towards the next lane where cars are driving.

2) Rolling drop off begins as soon as your car enters the sidewalk area. Up to five cars can be unloading students at one time.

3) There is no parking and waiting in the live drop off lane. Many parents come at 8:10 to live drop off their students early and have them wait by the front door. If you do not want your child waiting at the front, please arrive at 8:15 or later for the live drop off.

4) Finally, once your student leaves the car safely, please wait in the live drop off line until it moves forward. Switching lanes to go around cars causes a larger safety risk and possible accidents.

Thank you everyone for your commitment to safety! Matt and Michele will be out there Monday to help reinforce these safety rules.

2023-2024 Classrooms

ECP: Kelly Hornberger

ECP: Jill Jones

ECP: Brittany Irwin

ECP: Amy Manoli

ECP: Jenn Swan

ECP: Nicole Crosby

ECP: Jackie D'Amato

ECP: Alissa Mulkern

K: Kelley Hurley

K: Kathleen Burns

K: Samantha Langone

1: Kristen Merullo

1: Kim Johnson

1: Erin Dean

2: Jillian Pelissier

2: Debbie Carnevale

3: Mary North

3: Sarah Sheehan

3: Colleen Morrison

4: Danielle Macdonald

4: Meredith Goodemote

4: Julia Perrone

5: Patrice Higgins

5: Erika Scarborough

5: Kassandra Boutin

PALS: Sue Nee

Big picture
Big picture

Before School Program

We hope to continue to offer before school care for the 23-24 school year. Sign up information is below. Mary North will be the primary contact for this program. Please email her and Mr. Comenitz to reserve your spot for next year

YMCA Afterschool Program at Reeves

The Woburn YMCA Afterschool Program is available at Reeves Elementary School after the school day. It is housed in our cafeteria, gymnasium, and playground. Please take a moment to read the attached documents if you have interest in joining.

You can contact Will Murray, the Reeves Program Director at with any further questions.

YMCA Information

YMCA Registration