The Southern Colony

By: Lauryn Peterson

Our Settlement

We settled in 1630 looking for a new land to practice are religion. We believed in something different than the people in England.

our climates and landforms

Our climate is really warm all year long. Each year we have a great harvest season too.

Some of our wonderful land forms are that we have flat land and lots of wooded areas. We are right next to the water, which is really good for watering our crops.

Jobs, Natural Resources, Trad-able goods

We have a cost with lots of water, rich soil, and lots of wood to build houses. Some of the jobs where a Framer, Lumber Jack, or a Builder.

Picture we have taken

Our Culture

We believe in slaves. We believe in slaves because they do all of our work in the fields. We have a lot longer growing season than the rest of the colonies, so we buy people to do our work for us.

Compare and Contrast

Some things all the colonies have is farms, a lovely cost, and trees. Some things different about the Southern Colony is that we have a much, much longer growing season.

THe Southern Colony


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