About me:

I'm from Seville, Spain.
I'm 16 years old.
I love sport.
My favourite sport is swimming.
I like dogs but I haven't got one.
i'm fan the computer science and I like latin, too.
I go to Ies Llanes.
My favourite singer is Gustavo Cordera.
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I went to Paris for 5 years ago, with my family but all the time we stayed in Disney World.
This summer I went to Peterborough, England. I stayed here with a host family. I went to Peterborough with my high school for a one week. We arrived at the house at 4:00 am. The next day we had up at 8 am to go to a school here. That week we went to Stamford, Cambridge and London, too. I loved this travel and I want repeat this.
I would like to go to USA and to Argentina. Because I love this countries.
Curso en Peterborough. IES Llanes, Sevilla Junio 2014