Non-Traditional Careers

Definition of non-traditional careers.

The term non-traditional careers refers to jobs that have been traditional filled with one gender

Non-Traditional careers

Agriculture;Continuous mining machine operations-Women

Construction;Brick masons-Women

Arts;Broad cast technicians-Women

Business;File clerks-Men

Education and training;Elementary school teachers-Men


Government;Civil engineers-Women

Health Science;Dentists-Women


Human services;Clergy-Women

Images of Three successful people in Non-Traditional Careers

Why these three women are successful

Sarah Palin- Famous for being one of the only women to run for president and is also a governor in Alaska and most governors are male.

Mary Ellen Weber-She was one of the very few female astronauts to land on the moon.

Marcia Anderson-Is a general in the U.S. Military and hardly any women even make it to the military much less a general.

Three disadvantages to working in a non-traditional career

  1. Finding mentors/role models
  2. Gaining support from family/friends
  3. Obtaining necessary work skills

Three advantages to working in a non-traditional career

  1. Salary
  2. Job satisfaction
  3. Opportunity to learn