To Break is to Fall, Pick up the Peices and Stand up!

By: Caileigh and Akansha

Causes of Bullying

Bullying happens every where and for many different reasons and in many different places.

Reasons of bullying consist of Racial comments, Cultural, Jealousy, institutional (home, school, workplace, etc), social issues, family issues, bully's personal history (being rejected, etc.), bullies having power, provocative victims (targets). These are many of reasons that people hurt themselves, lose their self-esteem, and even commit suicide!

A link to a website--

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyHX7wMJBY0 this is a link to a video...The girl harmed herself and made mistakes....it followed her, all her mistakes.........She blamed herself, and made wrong decisions. Could she have done something, a different resolution?

Bullying Stories

This link goes to a website, where people are remembered...by there stories that their family and/or loved ones have put up so people can see what others have been through...There are many ways to overcome it but these stories are emotional.

Different Types of Bullying

- Cyber Bullying

-Social/Emotional Bullying

-Physical Bullying

-Verbal Bullying

Reasons that People Bully Others

-Racial Comments



-Institutional (home, school, workplace).

-Social Issues

-Family Issues

-Bully’s personal history (being rejected, etc.).

-Bullies having power

-Provocative Victims (targets).

-Being over weight

-Assumed of being ugly (un-attractive).