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MAP Testing Success

Thank you so much for all your patience and understanding as we got through MAP testing. We were able to complete about 1400 tests in 9 days, and still protect the daily schedule as much as we could.
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Book Fair

The fall book fair will be October 24-28. Family shopping night will be Thursday, the 27th. I'll be setting up a classroom wish list display/gift certificate for parents to (hopefully) donate some books to your classroom library.

Participation in this program often results in treats from your librarian! :)

Library/Computers Lesson Focus

We're working hard on THOUGHTFULLY choosing library books. (F & P levels, AR levels, etc) It's work in progress as you know. It's my hope that students are choosing books that are within their reading range to ensure growth!
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Accelerated Reader

I'm working on trying to remove the need for a monitor password when students are taking a test. Right now it's showing on the admin site that it is not required, but obviously it still is. I'm sorry for this inconvenience.

Email me with any AR issues. They're always usually a pretty easy fix.
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Reading Resource Room Highlight

Remember to check in the closet for some awesome reading games-- covering everything from grammar to making inferences. These might be good for centers or even for a fun reward!
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