Spring 2016 Clinical Orientation

Nurse 3806

Good News! Pediatric Credentialing has moved online!

Bad news- credentialing has moved online and it's confusing. Use adobe acrobat READER and a desktop computer and we will all be okay. If your boxes are not RED-it's wrong.

Go to this website


username: university

password: faculty04

1) Click on Core Orientation Materials

2) Click on "Core Orientation Module" - it looks like a title but is really a link.

(it's 135 pages long FYI)

3) You will add the date you finished the module on your "Core Orientation Checklist" - we will do the "core orientation checklist" together. Just know the date you did your module.

4) Complete the medication Calculation Assessment. Know the date you completed that as well.

5) Do these things before Friday and I will love you. Do them not, and you will get frowned on. :)

Your Instructors: Hannah Cilli, Brenna Frankish, Amber Willis, Jenna Shackleford, Melissa Anderson, Nancy Chambers

Sign Up Genius for Orientation-

Friday Group!
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