Artificial limbs

This product was made for Nasa, that we use today

Artificial limbs were made for space

Now this product is used by millions of people around the world in almost every day.

Why did Nasa make the artificial limbs

Nasa was funding, coupled with collective innovations made out of shock absorbent materials that are inspiring also enabling the private sector to create a new and better solution for animals and human protheses. Advancements such as Environment Robots Inc.'s development of artificial muscle systems that has robotic sensing with actuation capabilities for use in Nasa space robotic activities that are being adapted to create functionally dynamic artificial limbs. Additionally, another private sector adaptions of Nasa's temper foam technology brought custom-moldable materials offering the natural look and feel of flesh, as well as preventing friction between skin, prosthesis, and heat/moisture buildup.
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Was this product used in space

No, the artificial limbs were not made to go in space this product was first used to fix space shuttles because of the thick starch and master molds for prosthetic device, and was in the process of creating a commercial derivative of foam insulation system that was used to protect from excessive heat. Then a hospital asked if they could use the product for there pateints.
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