Stop Drinking and Start Thinking

one simple mistake can change your life

Why Is Drinking Bad For You?

When you drink you are putting your life in danger. When you drink you act impulsively. You can control some of your body functions because you momentarily freeze a part of your brain that helps you will organization, planning skills, and your emotional relegation. This part is called the frontal lobes which are located in the front of the brain.

Can Your Impulsive Actions Hurt You And Others?

The answer is yes. When you drink alcohol affects you in many ways. Most of the time you can get a personality change, some people get very mean and aggressive, others can become the life of the party. There is no reason to try and find out how you start to act when you drink. Many people die in vehicular homicides. This is when a person obviously intoxicated gets in a car and starts to drive if they die in a car crash or kill someone from their impulsive behavior then they are charged with this offense.

What Can Happen To You?

When you drink you are putting many parts of your body in danger. You can develop cirrhosis in your liver which makes it hard and unhealthy. Also you can tear your esophagus if you throw up after heavily drinking. These are just two of the endless affects of drinking.

Who Can Your Drinking Affect?

If you are expecting a child you should stay away from alcoholic beverages. If a mother drinks while pregnant it can cause many disorders, if the mother drinks she can strip her child away from having a life without mental problems. The child can also be deformed after birth from the alcohol affects. If the mother is worried that she might be pregnant then she should try to be sober for a couple of days to see if her prediction is correct.
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True Fact To Make You "See".

When you drink many people think that they can drive. Once a girl took her friends to a party and then had a few drinks, she thought she could drive home so she got her and her friends in the car. While she was driving she swerved and hit a car head on. She lived but the people in the other car and her friends all died. And the strangers she hit were her parents. She is now in jail and she has been charged for vehicular homicides. How would you like to know that just because of your one decision you killed not only your best friends but your parents. "One simple mistake can change your life".


One simple mistake can ruin your life. When you drink you are not only putting your life in danger but the life of others. When you drink from suffering your family and friends suffer too. They have to see you destroying your life piece by piece. You might have a chance to be what you always dreamed of being but from your one simple choice you may never find out if it was meant to be. You may never be a parent, have children, enjoy your grandchildren all because of that glass lifting to your lips.
Stand Out - Take a stand, and say no to alcohol.


There are rehabs for alcoholism all over. If you have a problem you should contact one of these rehabs and they can help you. Its better to get help and treat the problem then wait until something life changing happens. Most of the time you don't think about what is happening and you just act. You may do something that can harm you or someone around you and not have the skills to fix the problem. Rehabs can help you and give you the building blocks for staying alcohol free and how to deal with someone who is intoxicated. Don't refuse help because if you are on the tip of the iceberg, you need to be pushed back into the cold snow. You are helped throughout the process, don't just think that they throw you into rehab and expect you to instantly get back your sober life.

Future Prospects

When you get older if you have a felony of alcohol abuse you will have a tough road ahead of you. When you apply to a job it will be on your permanent record. Also when you get older and want a car and want to buy a house they look at your record to see if you are responsible or not. Just because of one action you lay out the rest of your life and whether its good or bad that's the path that you follow.