Florence, Italy

5 Reasons why YOU should visit!

#4: Great Galleries!

Florence, Italy is the home of the famous Academia, where the statue of "David" resides. Standing at a steady 16 feet, the statue of "David" was created by the famous Michelangelo, taking 3 years to complete.

#5: The Poetry<3

The city of Florence in now flooded with poetry, thanks to Dante Alighieri, a great Italian poet. Alighieri's most famous works of art (poetry) are the Commedia, and Inferno, which is portrayed as Dante's Hell.

There is a Gentle Thought...

There is a gentle thought that often springs
to life in me, because it speaks of you.
Its reasoning about love’s so sweet and true,
the heart is conquered, and accepts these things.
‘Who is this’ the mind enquires of the heart,
‘who comes here to seduce our intellect?
Is his power so great we must reject
every other intellectual art?
The heart replies ‘O, meditative mind
this is love’s messenger and newly sent
to bring me all Love’s words and desires.
His life, and all the strength that he can find,
from her sweet eyes are mercifully lent,
who feels compassion for our inner fires.’


Theme: "Everyone Loves."
Tone: Lustful
I thought the poem was quite good. It rhymed and had a gentle flow to it, a certain easiness to it. It does not relate to my location because he speaks of a girl and of love. Still, the poem is effective in stimulating images and thoughts, causing it to leave an impression, if even just a little...