LOSD Bond Program Update

October 2018

Active Projects

Lakeridge Junior High School Replacement

  • Design of the new building continues. October marks the completion of the design development phase of the overall design process.
  • The School District has hired a Construction Manager/General Contractor – Skanska, to assist the Project Team in design review and budget alignment. The Contractor will look for opportunities to efficiently deliver the project through project procurement and construction of the building.
  • The project planning submittal has been submitted to the City of Lake Oswego and is currently under review. This is the first part of our permitting process prior to the start of construction.
  • The first activities that will be observed on site will begin in the month of November. This work will include preparing for the installation of the temporary facilities – ten classrooms and a temporary gym structure. These facilities will be installed on the east side of the Waluga building.
  • The Bryant building will be vacated over winter break in December, and students will move into the temporary classrooms when school resumes in January.

Oak Creek Elementary School and Uplands Elementary School Renovations

  • The Uplands and Oak Creek project is currently in the design stage. The Bond Team continues to work with staff and stakeholders regarding design elements. A Design Advisory Team, which includes staff and community members, is assisting in the development of design elements associated with Oak Creek.
  • The Bond Team has selected a contractor for the work, and they are integrating with the team.
  • Construction will begin with Uplands, to prepare the school to accept the students and staff from Oak Creek. The Uplands project includes seismic upgrades, technology upgrades, a secure vestibule, and an upgrade of the building's kitchen. The Uplands project is slated to be completed during the summer of 2019. Once complete, Oak Creek staff and students will be moved to Uplands for the 2019/2020 school year.
  • The Oak Creek project includes an extensive re-cladding of the building – brick, siding, window replacement, and new roofing. The project will also include a new makerspace, as well as several interior modifications to allow for better use of interior space.
  • The Oak Creek project is scheduled to be completed in early summer of 2020, with the building reopening for the 2020/2021 school year.

Safety and Security

  • During the summer of 2018, the District installed secure vestibules in four buildings – Hallinan, Lake Grove, Palisades, and Forest Hills. We are in the design/planning stage for secure vestibules at the high schools.
  • The District has also hired a security consultant. This consultant will assess the District's facilities and current safety and security protocols. The consultant will work directly with the Bond Team and District leadership to develop a prioritized list of recommendations for security upgrades. The work of the consultant will inform projects currently in design, and help the District plan for future projects.

Secure Vestibule at Palisades Elementary

Big picture

Technology Infrastructure Improvements

  • School District facilities have been connected to a high-speed fiber network.
  • In Phase 1 of the infrastructure improvements over the summer, the District installed new wireless technology infrastructure in elementary schools. Wireless access points have been added to all elementary school classrooms with the exception of Uplands and Palisades. During November the same work will continue at Uplands, Lake Oswego Junior High School, Lakeridge Junior High School, and both high schools. Upon completion of Phase 1, all classrooms will have universal high speed wireless network.
  • Phase 2 of technology infrastructure upgrades will continue across the District during the 2018/2019 school year and the summer of 2019.

River Grove and Lake Oswego Junior High Renovations

  • The District has hired OH Planning and Design for design services associated with both River Grove and Lake Oswego Junior High. The OH team has started designing and the Bond Team has worked with staff to form Design Advisory Teams (DATs) for each school.
  • The DTAs will assist OH in developing design elements associated with makerspace at River Grove and STEM space at Lake Oswego Junior High School. The DTAs will also assist in providing input for other design elements that will enhance the instructional experience.
  • A Construction Manager/General Contractor will be selected in November.
  • Construction will occur during the summer of 2019.

Westridge Elementary School Renovation

  • The District is working with FFA Architects for design services associated with the Westridge Elementary School renovation project. The team has continued design and the Bond Team has worked with staff to form a Design Advisory Team (DAT). The DAT is assisting the team in developing design elements associated with makerspace and other design elements that will enhance the educational experience.
  • The project includes exterior building upgrades that include roofing, windows, and siding. The project will also include seismic upgrades and a small building addition. Interior space renovations will include ADA upgrades, secure vestibule, and technology upgrades.
  • Mortenson Construction has been selected as the Construction Manager/General Contractor.
  • Construction will occur during the summer of 2019.