Bacara Trip Contest

Win some of my favorite things when you earn 30+ points!

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Consultants on my first line will have an opportunity to WIN some of my favorite things for summer. Here's How.....

Whether you're going for the 100 points to win the trip, or want to earn points to move your business forward this summer, I want to reward ALL of your efforts!

Here's how it will work...

1. Set a goal (go BIG or go home)

2. Print off the Trip Tracker BTC (BTC-Tools-Sales-Escape to Bacara Trip Tracker)

3. Go out and earn points based off of the Bacara Trip Incentive

4. Track your points on the Trip Tracker (your responsible for keeping track :)

5. Snap a photo of your Trip Tracker on July 31st and text it to me.

6. CELEBRATE your success and win one of my favorite things for summer!

Bradlee Roffers, Managing Director at Beautycounter