Think Different #12

Resources for the Week of January 16, 2017

Chrome Users: Changing the Chrome Default Download Folder Location

You can choose any place or folder for the location to save files. I know when I am working with my students or teachers in workshops, I often ask them to download a file, the issue becomes, where did it go?

Let's fix that so you always know where the downloaded file ends up:

  1. Open the Chrome app
  2. Go to Chrome Settings
  3. Choose Preferences from the Chrome menu
  4. Scroll down and choose Show advanced settings
  5. Look for the Downloads section
  6. Click on Change beside Download location
  7. Select the new location you want to save the downloaded file from Chrome to by default
  8. Exit Settings and your down
  9. Additionally, you may want Chrome ask where to save a file by checking the box for Ask where to save each file before downloading within the Downloads settings. Doing this lets you change the default location and choose another location for the file to end up. In other words, put it where you want it from the get go!!

Remember, the default download location for Chrome is your Downloads folder on your Mac.

Byt the way you can do this same thing in Safari and Firefox.

ANNOTATION and Markup: PDF's in Notes and also Photos

Apple added a handy new feature recently to NOTES and also PHOTOS. If you don't want to fork over $9.99 for Notability, which I actually love and have had since it came out, use it daily and absolutely is worth the money, really!

Notes on your iPad is a viable solution. Plus it comes pre-installed on every iPad and Mac. now that makes your life easier as a teacher.

Below is a 1-minute tutorial to show you how to take advantage of the feature and holy moly is it easy. Thank you to my friend Ken for making the video.

The trick is, it must be a PDF that you send to NOTES. This PDF began as a Pages document!. But could have begun as a Word file, Powerpoint, or anything that can be saved as a PDF can do this.

Think about grading or students doing peer editing, every iPad has NOTES pre-installed, so you won't have to ask your IT folks to install it for you. Happy, happy!!

To do this in PHOTOS: Open the photo you want to annotate, choose the edit button, select the button that is 3 dots at the bottom of the tools list, select the Toolbox for markup and all the same tools appear as they did in NOTES and work the same way..

By the way, this works in Notes and Photos on your Mac too, that is assuming you have updated to newest OS.

Annotating PDFs in Notes
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Just what you need to put a spark in your classes

This is AWESOME Professional Development and Free but only available for the next few days!!

Student engagement and student-led classes.
Design thinking and service learning projects.
Google tools and Hyperdocs

This is the stuff your students will remember for years to come. AND it will create that long-term learning that you want.

The nine presentations in the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit are still live -- and they'll stay that way until Wednesday.

See the videos. Download the notes. Get the certificates of completion. But do it all before midnight (Pacific time) on Wednesday (Jan. 18). That's when the summit closes and all of that great content becomes unavailable.

Educators continue to share what they're learning in the summit at the #DitchSummit Twitter hashtag. Whether you use Twitter or not, you can click the link and see what everyone is saying and sharing. (And if you don't use Twitter, this is the perfect opportunity ... go sign up for an account!)

Links to ALL of the Digital Summit presentations

Pick the presentation you're most excited about right now and click the link to go watch that video first!

Changing lives worldwide in the classroom with Mike Soskil
On Twitter: @msoskil

Supercharging your class using Google tools with Kasey Bell
On Twitter: @shakeuplearning

Ditching all that homework with Alice Keeler
On Twitter: @alicekeeler

Teach with passion and engagement -- like a PIRATE! with Dave Burgess
On Twitter: @burgessdave

HyperDocs with Lisa, Sarah and Kelly
On Twitter: @lhighfill, @sarahlandis, @kellyihilton

LAUNCHing student creativity through design thinking with John Spencer
On Twitter: @spencerideas

Reaching the world from your classroom with Skype Master Teachers
On Twitter: @mrdearybury1, @mrs_smoke, @gruffcorn13

Student-led classrooms with Paul Solarz
On Twitter: @paulsolarz

Don't get ready, get started with Noah Geisel
On Twitter: @senorg

One more time -- Wednesday is the last day of the summit. Get all the great professional learning you can while it lasts!

Matt Miller
Founder and host, Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit
Twitter: @jmattmiller
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Google Teacher Tribe Podcast Launching January 2017

I love everything Matt and Kasey do, so I know this is going to be great and I am so glad the waiting is over! If you need to learn and need some Professional Development in your own convenient time that is valuable, this podcast will do the trick. Sign up now.

The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast is launching in January 2017.

The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast is a weekly podcast designed to give teachers practical ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools hosted by Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook) and Kasey Bell (Shakeup Learning).

Please join the mailing for the latest updates and to receive the show notes for each episode.

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