Life Science

Landstown Middle School

What a great start to the year!

The students have quickly become comfortable with their new classmates, teachers, and rooms. Our focus these first few weeks have been on routines and procedures, to ensure that all students understand the expectations and what to do. By establishing positive learning environments and structure the first few weeks, we set ourselves up for a positive year of active learning!


Please RETURN any forms you might still have. Once I have all forms, I can check them off my to-do list!

Students should be writing their assignments in their planners daily at the beginning of class. Ask them to show this to you!

Ask your child to sit down and log into Schoology. There you will see the work we've been doing in class.

NEW! Virtual Learning Day

Schools will be closed for students October 8, 2018. VBCPS has deemed this day a “virtual learning” day.

Our Life Science Virtual Learning lesson has been designed so students who do not have internet access at home will still be able to complete the assignment by picking up a packet in class.

Please discuss internet options with your child because they will be asked in a survey next week if they will be able to complete it online or if they need a packet instead.

I Can Statements


  • I can explain the parts of the cell theory
  • I can explain how the cells are the structure and function of living things
  • I can compare and contrast animal and plant cells and their components


  • I can comprehend and apply basic terminology related to the air and atmosphere
  • I can explain the characteristics of all 5 layers of the atmosphere
  • I can estimate the impact of Earth’s energy budget on its surface

Upcoming Important Dates

Oct 2 & 3 - ADVANCED Atmosphere Quiz*

Oct 4 & 5 - CORE Cells Quiz*

October 8 - Virtual Learning Day (No School)

October 9 - Progress Reports

November 6 - Virtual Learning Day (No School)

November 12 - Veteran's Day (No School)

November 14 - Report Cards

*Dates of quizzes & tests are subject to change, be added, or removed.

Thanks for asking your child what they learned in school each day!

Thank you for asking your child about what they learned in school each day. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and/or concerns.

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