Simple Photo Editing

How to make your photos look like the pros!

By Cristian Bachman - Editing made Easy!

Pixlr is a quick and simple way to take your photos to the next level! This flyer will help you learn the three simple steps that make your already enjoyable photos into wonderful masterpieces that could not be taken with a camera.

The Steps

There are three easy steps to editing your photo on First, go to the pixlr o-matic option on your computer and insert your photo. Then, the website will give you lots of color and effect options. Once you choose an effect, click the two arrows on the bottom right of the editor. This will bring you to the overlay section. Just like the color section, you can choose an overlay for your photo. After that, it will bring you to an outline section. Once you choose an outline, you will be finished editing your photo!

Here are some photos that I have edited using

Why is Pixlr a favorite for editing?

A major reason that pixlr is a favorite for me is because of its simplicity and quickness. Pixlr takes only about one minute to edit your photo. Also, you can take it everywhere! Just download the free mobile app, and then you can edit your photo right after taking it. Pixlr is a definite first choice in editing for me because it just doesn't get any easier to be creative!
What Makes a Great Picture?

My Portrait, Nature, And Still Life Photos

My Photo With Background

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