Non-Communicable Diseases


What is a Non-Communicable Diseases?

A Non-Communicable Diseases is a diseases that is not spread, but is caused at birth and if not caused at birth. You can reduce the risk of getting a Non-Communicable Disease by eating healthy, staying away from drugs, etc.

What is Leukemia?

Leukemia is a blood cancer forming tissue , hindering the body's ability to fight infections. When you get Leukemia you get enlarged liver, shortness of breath, and Swollen lymph glads.
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Leukaemia: A journey into the body
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How many people die of Leukemia every 5 years?

57.2% of the population with Leukemia dies within the matter of 5 year and in 2014 there were an estimated death of 24,090.

How do you know you have Leukemia?

The signs of Leukemia are: Swollen Lymph Nodes, Fever or Night Sweats, Frequent infections,Feeling weak or tired, Pain in the bones or joints, or Headaches

What are the treatments for leukemia?

1 treatment for leukemia is to, chemotherapy kill leukemia cells using strong anti-cancer drugs. A 2nd way is to go to interferon therapy to slow the reproduction of leukemia cells and promote the immune system anti-leukemia activity.

What causes Leukemia?

Scientist don't exactly know what causes leukemia. It seems to develop from a combination of genetics and environmental factors.
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What are the prevention's or delays for leukemia?

There is no know way to prevent most types of leukemia. Some types of leukemia may be prevented by avoiding high doses of radiation, exposure to chemical benzene, smoking and other tobacco.


What learned from this is that you can actually prevent this diseases. I also learned that you can get leukemia by smoking .