"How to become President"

By: Hannah M

Requirements to become President:

~At least 35 years old, but you could wait until you have more experience

~Resident of the United States for at least 14 years

~A natural-born citizen

Four Steps (to become president):

1. Primaries and caucuses occur at state level and allow candidates to campaign on a smaller scale to seek nomination before entering the national campaign.

2. At National Convention which is held ever 4 years, the major parties select their presidential nominee. At conventions, delegates from each state vote, the delegates that wins the majority of the delegates becomes the party's nominee.

3. The General election pits each party's nominees against each other. Candidates usually rely on the support of the voters from their party. The Campaign is usually a competition for the independent voters. Candidates will travel to battleground states to hold their rallies. They usually have debates on television also. The voters go to polls on election day.

4. The constitution states that the candidate who receives the majority of votes on the electoral college become president. Each state gets a number of electors (all states get at least 3), voters actually vote for the electors not the presidential candidates. Some states have laws saying that every elector votes for the candidate who received the most popular votes in a state.

Ideal Candidate:

Donald Trump:

Age: 69 years

Occupation: Investor, Politician, Actor, etc