For The LOVE of Literacy!

Creek View Elementary's Literacy Newsletter - February 2016

Creek View's Literacy Mission Statement

At Creek View Elementary, we believe our GATORS should view themselves as readers, writers, and thinkers. To develop life-long literacy habits, our campus has created a community in which reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking serve as the foundation of our learning.

Welcome to February's Creek View Elementary Literacy Newsletter!

A helpful tool to help you grow your gift of being a literacy teacher! Links, photos, videos and more to inspire you and lift you to new levels of learning!

You've probably heard of this before...

As educators, we've all been intrigued by the Ron Clark Academy. If you've never heard of it, PLEASE take a look. If you're familiar with it, take a moment to revisit it via this video. My absolute FAVORITE line in this video is "We'd rather build strong children than repair broken adults." No matter if we are at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, or right here at Creek View in College Station, we are in the business of building strong children!

Hot Topic: Round Robin Reading

I've done this many times. You probably have too. In fact, we might be doing it right now! This is an interesting read to ponder as you reflect on your best practices during whole group or small group.

One of my personal goals-

Getting the kiddos to do all the talking during intervention time! Not me! An interesting article to share if you have the same goal! :)

Huge FREE resource!

This is a very comprehensive packet of anything and everything you might need for literacy interventions in the younger grades BUT my favorite free resource in this packet is the blank running record forms you can use for any text. Take a look and happy using!