1880-1920 almanac of importance


political: The big representatives were just fine having children and women doing work in the industry's (ashamed)

Economic: The economy didn't care who and how old they were if you could work you did but back then you had to work because the economy was bad (ashamed)

Social/Cultural: The United States had a lot of children working in the the factory's and industry's and because of that a lot of them ended up having crippling injurys and also a lot of death happened (ashamed)


political: I think we did the right thing because we checked them to see if they where convicts and if they didn't have an sickness and if they dint have anything that we are worried about we let them in. (proud)
Economic: It gave the United States more people to help work in the factories but it also didn't help because we got more crowded and we were in major debt. (ashamed)
Social/cultural: A lot of immigrants families didn't get a chance to set foot in the United States and we treated them like prisoners (ashamed)


Political: This was big deal they thought that if we can have people move into a small place (ashamed)
Economic: it was good because we thought that that if we had more people move in and be closer to work it would be great because we would have less people missing work.(proud)
social/cultural: this caused a lot of problems because you had a lot of people living in a small place were illness were it was very high (ashamed)


Political: This was a rough time for the United States because we were battling issues so a lot of people were telling the cold hard truth (ashamed)
Economic: We had a lot of muckrakers because it was a tough time and they told us the truth about every news story (proud)
Social/cultural: A lot of people didn't like this because we would know everything (ashamed)


Political: We wanted Puerto Rico for war reasons and its cheap labor (proud)
Economic: We wanted Puerto Rico because of its shipping/naval base (Proud)
Social/cultural: The natives in Puerto Rico were very kind and willing to help in anyway possible (proud)

World War 1

Political: since we were in isolation a majority of people wanted us to stay out of the war because they didn't want the US to join then we got the Zimmerman telegram and we entered (ashamed/proud)
Economic: We knew that it was going to cost a lot of money but we went anyways to help France (proud)
Social/cultural: World war 1 hurt a lot of people due to the fact that we were joining the war that had been four years long (ashamed)