Nutrition And You

How Nutrition Helps You

Things Food Gives You

To stay healthy you must balance out your food so you must eat them all.The grains group gives you carbohydrates,vitamins, minerals,and fiber same with the vegetable group and the fruit group. meats group you protein,vitamins,minerals,and fats.The milk group gives you strong bones and teeth.

Limiting Your Food

To limit your food you must fallow these rules.If you want to have cereal you should have a palm of your hand and for the rest of grains.For vegetables you should have the fist of your hand.Fruit you should have the size of a baseball.dairy two dominoes.For oils you should have a ping pong ball.For meat you should have the the palm of an adult hand

How to eat safe

After using a knife to cut meat wash it good before you cut open vegetables,also with meat you must keep it in a freezer or refrigerator.Always before you cook you must wash your hands with soap and water

Eating Disorders

Bulimic means a person who eats a lot of food and tries to get rid of the food and Anorexia means they eat a little and think there overweight and they are thin.