Ashe County, NC

Founded in 1799 in the Coastal Plain region.

Landmarks and Attractions

two natural landmarks consist of Long Hope Creek, Spruce Bog and the Mount Jefferson state natural area. And the three tourist attractions consist of Christmas in July, Church of the Frescoes, and a Corn Maze. The county was also started by a man named Samuel Ashe who was the ninth governor of North Carolina.

Government Related

Their are five members on the Board of Commissioners, the county manager is Jesse Campbell, and the Mayor of Jefferson is Dona Tugman.

Pictures of Ashe counties government

Picture of the Christmas Tree Industry

Known For

The town is known for the christmas tree industy that has furnished several trees for the white house and more.

West Jefferson

West Jefferson is located in the Appalachian mountains and was incorporated as a city in 1909. And is the second oldest city in Ashe County. It is also known for having the only cheese factory in the south-eastern United States. The Western Railroad is the primary reason for the birth of West Jefferson.