High School Staff Newsletter

February 24, 2020


Our Vision of Learning

In full support of our district mission and vision, we at SCC High School are committed to...

Creating a learning experience built on creativity, choice, efficiency, and engagement, resulting in high-achieving and creative problem-solvers who take intellectual risks to discover the world around them and maximize their potential.

We Have the Power to...

  • SERVE others
  • show EMPATHY
  • LIFT others UP

Just For Fun

Halftime Interview with a Teacher

Teacher does a halftime interview like a sports coach


February 24-28

Morning Greeters: MATH

Monday, February 24

NO SCHOOL (shhh... "Yipee!")

Tuesday, February 25

BLT will NOT meet today

7:35 am - 7:55 am - Q12 Open Discussion - Social Studies/ELA- Large Conf. Room

9:00 am - 10:00 am - Northlake Superior Smiles (Vicki)

Wednesday, February 26

7:35 am - 7:55 am - ALL STAFF MEETING - Lecture Room

  • Data Privacy - Konsela & Ruud

Thursday, February 27

All Day - S-B Grading Conference - Wisconsin Dells

  • Soderberg, Klimek, Forrest, Scheder, Wood, Reimer, Sheldon, Been

Friday, February 28

7:35 am - 7:55 am - Q12 Open Discussion - Paras - Main Office Conference Room


If you haven't done so already, please complete the PD exit ticket.

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Something to Remember

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Thank you for your outstanding effort, kindness, excellence, and selflessness.

Emily Timmers - Living our "students first" motto. Inspiring.

Whoever gave us wellness time - THANK YOU for dedicating time for our wellness in so many forms. Friday was the BEST day of recharging in a difficult part of the year.

Duane Jourdeans - Helping a fellow teacher out with dude student stuff. :)

Wellness Team - Thank you for putting together an AMAZING day for us! It was incredible!!!!

Logan Kimberly - Working with a student to get it done!

Emily Timmers - Using your Spidey senses being my "bad date emergency call"

Jen Staidl and Jenna Scheithauer - for organizing volunteer work

Logan Kimberly - Thanks for coming in and cooking with us! We appreciated it soooo much!

Garret Wenzel - Providing opportunities for our students (OSHA training).

Tracie Crowley and the CTE'rs - The middle school students and staff are STILL talking about the great experiences you afforded them on CTE day. Way to go!

Tracy Klein, Travis Madigan, and Chris Deno - Running the treadmill to get all students registered for 2020-21 courses!!

BLT, Math, Science, Art, Bus. Ed, Ag, Music, PE, and Traveling Teachers - Thank you for your honest reflections on the Q12. Making progress.


2019 Q12 Results

Here is the presentation of our Q12 results. In the coming weeks, we will be meeting in small groups to look for the root causes.


Thanks, Dani for creating the doc.


Please refer to these guidelines prior to your absence. p.s. we'll miss you!


Check out the PBIS Incentives. You will be asked to cover this information with your HR students.