European Country Discovery Project

Country: Scotland

country Basic's

The name of my country is Scotland. It's capital of the country is called Edinburgh. Their flag is blue with a white X on it. The flag's meaning is it represents crucifixion of the apostle St. Andrew , Scotland's patron saint. The name of their flag is St. Andrew's cross or the Saltire .


Scotland is located in the continent of Europe and , England, United Kingdom are also surrounding that country. Some physical features of Scotland are: Grey Mares Tail, Glencoe (mountain), The five sisters of Kintail (mountain), St. Abb's head (cliff), Iron Age Broch, Mousa, Shetland, and many more.The Edinburgh Castle, Eiliean Donan, Ben Nevis (highlands), Loch Ness(lake), and the Stirling Castle are some of the man made landmarks.Loch Lomond is a 27.45 mile bodie of water, Loch Ness is 21.78 miles, Loch Awe is 14.85 miles of water. Building castle's and big cities , Scotland's citizen's would be affected by having cattle and looking up to all the king's and queen's. That would be an monarchy in a unlimited government.


Scotland is an limited government because they have an monarchy. Their leader is Alex Salmond and each leader gets chosen every four years. If you live or were born in Scotland, you are automatically a Scotland citizen


Scotland is a richer part of the UK and is actually second wealthiest in the UK. They use pound sterling's for their countries money system. Their main exports and imports are: Fuels, tobacco, beverages, manufacture goods, machinery, chemical's, and food. Their life expectancy is 79.2 but the poor people live about 10 years less. Birth rate is 11.30 births per 1000 population and their literacy rate is 99% that can read and write. Drinking water source is that it all comes from the rain and sometimes get even more than what they need.


lot's (almost all) people wear kilt's, and also speak English. On Nov. 30th it is Saint Andrew's day, Christmas is on the same date as the U S A does and on the day after Christmas is Boxing Day where all the people celebrate. Scotland's 2 main religion is roman Catholic's

and Christian. Haggis and Heeps are one of their meal's that have innards,offal chopped up with spices, cookedin a sheep's stomach,served with mashed turnip.


Scotland's climate is cool and wet caused by the North Atlantic drift.Scotland is the most wettest places in Europe with 4,577mm of rainfall.The tempature in Scotland is moderate and in July &August are the warmest with 19c. The coldest is at February & January with tempatures of 5c to 7c. The availability of resources have been causing the rapid change in climate mainly due to greenhouse gas amissions, needing to reduce it.


in 1320, The declaration of arbroath was sent to Pope John. One of the most important document's in Scottish history and is to believed to have inspired Thomas Jefferson in writing the American declaration of independence. In 1513, Scotland's alliance with France brings disaster. During the battle, King James IV's army suffers with 10,000 men killed including the King himself.

Compare and Contrast

The food in Scotland: Scottish smoked salmon is similar to our country because it's served with salmon and that's seafood. And almost everyone eats seafood.

Clothing in Scotland: Scottish citizens normally wear kilt's, and girls wear kilted skirts and a tartan sash or shawl. One thing from Scotland that is similar from the USA is that they eat seafood, like American's do. They also have the same religion as most American's are Christian's and roman Catholic's. Scottish people also celebrate Christmas.