By Ciara and K'haliyah


* Nile River was in Egypt

* Egypt River was called the "the Gift of the Nile

* Was the longest River Over 4,000 miles

* It ran form the South to North


*They used the Nile River to get water because they live in a desert

*They used canals and basins so they could store water in

*They also had shadoof to pick up water and store it in the basin

Written Language

*They wrote in hieroglyphics

*They wrote on papyrus

*Because of they use Business record

Political System

*The social hierarchy was created to divide society by rank or classes

*Men generally held the political power and made laws

*When a large amount of people live together they make a structure for society


*Shadoof was invented to help with irrigation

*Pyramids was a huge tomb used to bury their pharaohs

*Base on 10 for the number system used to keep business records

*Distinctive painting and Statues and epics


*Believe in a afterlife or a Ka

*They believe in embalming and mummification